How your Personal Trainer Can Ensure you get a Good Cardio Workout

Tuesday , 26, August 2014 Comments Off on How your Personal Trainer Can Ensure you get a Good Cardio Workout

As a health-conscious person, you are aware of the benefits of cardiovascular training for your heart and overall good health. Maybe you are already doing some common cardio workouts to keep your heart healthy and strong. However, as a layman are you sure about the efficacy of those workouts? Do you have that expert knowledge to decide which cardio workouts suit your condition and can provide the best results? Don’t waste your time searching for a cardio workout programme that works to get you ready for an obstacle course such as Sydney mud run. Hire a personal trainerinstead to know more about how you can enjoy a good cardio workout that really delivers the result you desire.

Different types of Cardiovascular Exercises

There are different categories of cardio workouts which make it so difficult for a lay person to select the right one to optimise performance at Toughmudder Sydney. Some exercises such as rowing or jogging fall under the category of slow but steady aerobic training. Then you have anaerobic training that comprises short bursts of intense cardio workouts interspersed with low-intensity exercises. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and sprints are common example of this category.

A third option is to combine both the above categories and create a balance of aerobic and anaerobic workouts for best result.

Understandably, when you have little knowledge about the details of each category, you can do more harm to yourself than good. Only a Toughmudder Sydney personal trainercan pick out the right exercises that will ensure you have a good cardio workout.

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How a Personal Trainer can help you get a Good Cardio Workout

A personal trainer has years of experience in dealing with clients with similar physical condition and fitness goals as you. He is fully aware of the types of cardio workouts that will suit your individual specifications such as age, gender, weight, present stamina (or lack of it), diet and so on. Each individual is different and your personal trainer will create your own cardio workout keeping in mind certain things about you.

Your Personal Trainer will pick Workouts you Enjoy

Exercise is not a one-day affair. If you really want to strengthen your heart, build stamina and boost metabolism, you will have to work out regularly. However, not everybody loves exercising regularly because of the strains and discipline associated with it. To make your task easier, your trainer will always pick up exercises that you will really enjoy doing.

Your Personal Trainer will Avoid Workouts that Over-strain you

Safety and moderation are very important if you really want to continue with exercising. Any exercise you do (including cardios) must be within your tolerance limit. Excessive exercise or picking workouts that is too strenuous for you might result in injury or even fracture or dislocation. Only a trained instructor has the knowledge and experience to understand how hard and how far you can push yourself without causing damage.

Your Personal Trainer will Select Workouts that are in Consistent with your Fitness Goals

As mentioned above, there are different categories of cardiovascular workouts and various types of workouts under those categories. Exercising haphazardly without proper focus will never give you the desired result. Only a fitness trainer can ensure that cardio programme you are following is really effective and in consistent with your fitness goals.