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A little bit all about me, Hinc.

I was a little wayward when it came to personal health and fitness, especially when the choices I had included going out for a drink with my mates, and doing nothing… but watch a bit of TV and maybe have a takeaway.

Keep fit and general health seemed a bit too much fanatical for me – I watched the strangers running around the streets and doing star-jumps in the park, and thought “I have no idea why anyone would be wanting to do that.”

But I had one night out too many, one large pizza too much, and came to the realization one Sunday morning that I really had to do something about this.

It isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t take a genius to work it out: from a relatively small and simple start, I was able to keep up a regular fitness program, and from there moved forward learning a little more about my diet and nutrition. It made a difference, and now I will never look back.

So don’t dismiss personal training, and hopefully you will find something of interest here.